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Checkpoint update v4.1.2.0

New808coin release a new checkpoint update, please update your wallets. v4.1.2.0 is a checkpoint update. It is recommended to update.

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Listed on Masternodes.biz

Good day everyone. Good news again. New808coin is listed on http://masternodes.biz Platform N808 is also accepted as payment currency to pay MN HOSTING for ANY other coins you want to host. Host your N808 masternode for only $0.5 / 30 days.

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Listed at Fides Exchange

Good news everyone Good news again. New808coin is now listed at Fides Exchange. For those in the N808 community that were looking for a good exchange service, hurry up be the first traders. We would like to say a BIG thank you to the Fides team for listing N808. Their faith in our project is greatly appreciated. Let’s show them how active our community is & what we can do.

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Mandatory update v4.1.1.0

Good day everyone. New808coin release new mandatory v4.1.1.0 update, update your wallets. It is recommended to update the clients immediately but before block 155,000 at the latest.

Release updates

  1. Dynamic increase Masternode Collateral has been removed
  2. Solid Masternode Collateral updated to 25,000 N808
  3. 4 minute block spacing fixed
  4. Upcoming block reward breakdown changed.
  5. Checkpoint updated.

You can download here: https://github.com/didarmetu/New808coin/releases/tag/v4.1.1.0-GA

Mandatory update will be released.

As you know some problems have arisen in our previously released wallet. What was originally thought of as a mistake in the coding is actually an undiagnosable problem which cannot be rectified. Certain planned protocol changes cannot be implemented which in turn has caused issues such as the network not disallowing some lower MN collaterals & the block time not lengthening as it should. This has left the coin & network in an undesirable state for future advancement & is unfair on users who have adhered to the MN collateral changes that have occurred as planned in the coin distribution model. After vigorous testing to no avail, it has been decided to abandon the planned tiered MN schedule. A permanent fix can’t currently be found which means this would happen again at the next planned collateral increase. This is extremely impractical & unproductive. Too much time has been spent on this problem already that could have been spent on further exchange & use case development. The MN collateral will now be 25,000 N808. This has been voted & decided upon as a reasonable yet solid amount that will be beneficial for a number of reasons. This amount will stay the same for the foreseeable future. The coin roll out will be restructured to accommodate for this. We are sorry for the confusion over the past month or so & for the time our users & associates have already put in. We appreciate setting up MNs is time consuming & we have felt your pain when dealing with our own. We also highly appreciate your patience whilst this issue has been dealt with. The support we have received is encouraging & rewarding.

Mandatory update v4.0.0.0

Good day everyone. Good news again. New808coin release new mandatory update, please update your wallets. New808coin v4.0.0.0 is a mandatory update for all users. It is recommended to update the clients immediately but before block 130,000 at the latest.

How to update

IMPORTANT: Backup your wallet.dat and new808coin.conf and *masternode.conf *files!
1. Stop your wallet and wait until it has completely shut down
2. Windows: Replace new808coin-qt.exe, new808coind.exe, new808coin-cli.exe and new808coin-tx.exe
3. Linux: Replace new808coin-qt, new808coind, new808coin-cli and new808coin-tx
4. Start your wallet again

Release updates
1. Dynamic increase Masternode Collateral from 5k to 100k
2. Block spacing change to 4 minutes
3. Upcoming block reward breakdown changed.
4. Some UI bugs fixed.
5. Checkpoint updated.

You can download here: https://github.com/didarmetu/New808coin/releases/tag/v4.0.0.0-GA

Why New808coin created

The main reason of creating this coin is:
Many people spend a lot of money on old808 and they lost money because of wrong specification and wallet code its original developers are left project. We as New808coin team won’t let those people lost their investment. We are helping to renewing the blockchain and rearranging specification.

New808coin will be first list on Fibercoin exchange and other exchange to make sure it gain stable price. then build platforms that are related to music and more.

The swap ratio is 10mln to 1 (10,000,000 808coin = 1 New808coin). This ratio decided because of the supply of the old coin. Its 50trillion. The coins that are already in Fibercoin Exchange will be swapped automatically.

If users don’t want to swap to New808coin they have to withdraw their coins before 5th March, 2020.

Outside swap link: https://forms.gle/Sf7voi5tkPj3DFFz7