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Why New808coin created

Why New808coin created

The main reason of creating this coin is:
Many people spend a lot of money on old808 and they lost money because of wrong specification and wallet code its original developers are left project. We as New808coin team won’t let those people lost their investment. We are helping to renewing the blockchain and rearranging specification.

New808coin will be first list on Fibercoin exchange and other exchange to make sure it gain stable price. then build platforms that are related to music and more.

The swap ratio is 10mln to 1 (10,000,000 808coin = 1 New808coin). This ratio decided because of the supply of the old coin. Its 50trillion. The coins that are already in Fibercoin Exchange will be swapped automatically.

If users don’t want to swap to New808coin they have to withdraw their coins before 5th March, 2020.

Outside swap link: https://forms.gle/Sf7voi5tkPj3DFFz7