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New808coin locked wallets

New808coin locked wallets

The New808coin Team is thrilled to share an exciting development that aims to leverage the huge potential of blockchain technology, particularly in the realm of public technology and smart contracts.

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrencies, we have observed the countless uses of technology, with a keen focus on its applications in publicity. Notably, smart contracts and backed deposits have emerged as popular examples, and the New808coin Team is eager to bring these functionalities to life.

At the core of New808coin’s philosophy is flexibility, and we firmly believe that this flexibility can be harnessed successfully in the public technology sector. To facilitate this, we have designed the T808, TR808, B808, P808, and S808 token’s smart contract to be mintable. This means that as demand for T808, TR808, B808, P808 or S808 increases, additional N808s will be added to the locked wallet, and a corresponding amount of T808, TR808, B808, P808 or S808 will be minted.

To kickstart this exciting initiative, the New808coin Team has initially placed 5,000,000 N808s in the locked wallet, allocating 1,000,000 for each of T808, TR808, B808, P808, and S808. Transparency is paramount, and we invite everyone to check the live balances of both the T808, TR808, B808, P808, and S808 smart contracts, as well as the N808 locked wallets.

For your reference, the lock address for New808tokens is: “NdD4ZkV2XoFxRXv3rogY8Pd5bxDXkbeKXh”

We are confident that this innovative approach will not only enhance the New808coin ecosystem but also contribute to the broader adoption of blockchain technology in the public domain.

N808 is New808coin is native coin. Explorer: http://n808explorer.tk/
T808 is New808token in Ethereum. Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0xc2282e724e8db8c4f13861f2c4b9571da334ee83
TR808 is New808token in Tron. Contract: https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TMwChbPiN6zrJ1UwimHaGQ4B8aziXiXwsz
B808 is New808token in Binance. Contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xca3134533caea98b6be4d547e8d483fab572bf62
P808 is New808token in Polygon. Contract: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x9fb83691d9fc7fca4739d05cb8402c3e273a50eb
S808 is New808token in StakeCube. Contract: https://scpscan.net/contract/9b6c922e1f2b572aeb79d5f73c3aff6fcb8127d7adddb675be2bf613b0663a49

Best regards,

New808coin Team