New808coin locked wallets

New808coin locked wallets

There are a lot of uses for technology laid out by cryptocurrencies. Quite interestingly, a lot of them are centered around publicity. Smart contracts and backed deposits are one of the most popular examples.

The New808coin Team has long observed these blockchain technology trends, and wants to bring such functionality to life. While flexibility is at the core of New808coin cryptocurrency, the Team believes that it could be successfully used in the realm of public technology.

Since the total supply of T808 and TR808 is equal to the amount of N808s on the locked wallet, the T808 and TR808 token’s smart contract was designed to be mintable – if demand on T808/TR808 increases, more N808s will be added to the locked wallet and corresponding amount of T808/TR808s will be minted.

Initially there is 2 000 000 N808s placed on the locked wallet by the New808coin devs. 1 000 000 for T808 and 1 000 000 for TR808. Everyone can always check the live balances of both the T808 smart contract and the N808 locked wallets.

Here is the addresses of New808coin that are locked for New808token (T808):

Lock Address 01 for T808: “NY63qXmKft71bWMcXd7gD9ArSbSQJ8F9QL”
Lock Address 02 for T808: “NhfBaxuQ96WYQiSLEeuyVEMZ9Gad9XV3eg”
Lock Address 03 for T808: “NbMv6ryxmfLJy1SvdVdoG9z8QMc7CFQZTy”
Lock Address 04 for T808: “NQ9JoiCnxFkLU64VxQU6bGajKp6yBVpxyH”
Lock Address 05 for T808: “NMZtv2uL8vcVD2fkVvLtiYEmy5GuucZYRh”
Lock Address 06 for T808: “NeoUsiNdJkGbYG1jH2wx6fUZ2psMWqz1bB”
Lock Address 07 for T808: “NZHtWtpdFs9h9Y9BKg9sNXBpju7GYsEnhY”
Lock Address 08 for T808: “NNzzdLBGWxbvAi1NC8oBgprmAKdN77YoaZ”
Lock Address 09 for T808: “Ni6wPAAfYSRV5ozDgX3MbUSYhLUivtDiKx”
Lock Address 10 for T808: “Na4SbnbCv8SmF11bmMJLwsXxHsUVvEPXNB”

Here is the addresses of New808coin that are locked for New808token (TR808):
Lock Address 11 for TR808: “NLJ9XgvvSCbCe1tP8Aak4ukuuUzPsmyKaR”
Lock Address 12 for TR808: “NMWWeahxYmGpxnXvuyxTuDX6x7FJM36Fh8”
Lock Address 13 for TR808: “NiT6VnShfYBJyKx5Tx35MxTUkxg9gvyj3H”
Lock Address 14 for TR808: “NhvB8LWPYFxm2GAXhWeVVVqbq9hQBTz6nT”
Lock Address 15 for TR808: “NhuR5russkh8jFFiyJmzTLF5F4iiYFyosy”
Lock Address 16 for TR808: “NWqt6GuTKDa7iAogYWgzo4Jt8SJrqCSXCw”
Lock Address 17 for TR808: “Na1wrDCx1vUwzkTemgUZPFV9N2XKdxeQHT”
Lock Address 18 for TR808: “NV98ZdEGbN3qUG9NZAptURjKfVBN6Gjbm5”
Lock Address 19 for TR808: “Na1JZVaiCAyzHjey1FBvYrhdfbz5tdP6Vt”
Lock Address 20 for TR808: “NNwJzU183jvuPsY5ky6wG73QNpebVWqPh1”

Best regards,

The New808coin Team