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StakeCube New808token (S808) Release

StakeCube New808token (S808) Release

Introducing SCP-2 Token – S808 (New808token) We are super excited to share that we launched our StakeCupe SCP-2 token, S808 (New808token). This token comes with lots of cool features that we think will make your time in our community even better.

Token Info:

First Batch of Tokens: We’re starting with an initial batch of 1,000,000 S808 tokens. Getting them is easy – just exchange your N808 ,T808, P808, TR808 or B808.

Awesome Things about S808:

  1. Staking Wallet No Needed to be left open: With S808, you don’t have to keep your wallet open for staking. Hold and use S808 hassle-free without worrying about staking your wallet.
  1. Easy Transfers: S808 is made for your convenience. Transferring S808 is quick and simple, making transactions a breeze.
  1. Support on StakeCupe for Deposits and Withdrawals (Pending Approval): We are worlking on that S808 will be supported on SC for deposits and withdrawals. This means managing your S808 tokens will be smooth and efficient.

How to Get Involved: Dm @didarmetu in New808coin discord server, send your N808 or any compatible tokens to the provided address (I’ll share it with you) to get your S808 tokens.

We’re really pumped about what S808 can bring to our community. Thanks for your ongoing support, and we can’t wait for you to join in on this exciting new journey. Stay tuned for more updates and details about the S808 release!


New808coin Team